Wednesday, July 12, 2006

In the heat of Bangkok

After a long flight with a three-hour connection in Dubai, we landed in Bangkok on Tuesday. After spending some time at the Bangkok Airways ticket counter to arrange our next flights in the region, we took a cab for Siam Square and managed to find a correct guest house: the A-One-Inn hotel which is relatively correct for the price (600B).

First impressions of Bangkok: the most modern city I have visited in the developing world, although I'm not sure Thailand is a developing country anymore. Modern skytrain, very clean streets, Western style malls with all the same shit that we have home (KFC, Starbuck and the other usual suspects...). What a change from the African cities or even Saigon and Bombay for that matter!

We are off to Chang Mai in a few day for trekking and relaxing in the Northern part of Thailand. Stay tuned...


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